Welcome to the online home of Jim Knable, a playwright, singer/songwriter, novelist and screenwriter hailing from the green and fertile Sacramento valley, now living in Brooklyn, New York.

His plays have been seen all over the country; his songs have been heard all over the world. He is the founder of the Pseudo-Symbolist movement, an instigator of the Soul Kebab and the lead singer and songwriter for The Randy Bandits.

RADIO INTERVIEW: Jim Knable's interview on the Franklin Raff Radio Show in Chicago about Leonard Cohen, The Randy Bandits, and his various masks.

REVIEW NEWS: Read Jim Knable's review of Leonard Cohen's new album.

PLAY NEWS: GREEN MAN now available for licensing from Samuel French

HYPER-FOCUS published by Samuel French

THE MAGIC FISH, a children's opera written with composer-brother Sunny Knable, commissioned and produced at Half-Moon Theatre and Turtle Bay Music School in Manhattan. To be produced at the Mondavi Center in Davis, CA December 2013.

THE BEST MISTAKE published by Dramatic Publishing

Jim Knable's first novel SONS OF DIONYSUS now running in serial form!

Golden Arrow, by The Randy Bandits, out now.

”Bouncy and brave, Golden Arrow finds the Bandits in all their awesome glory. With songs written by vocalist/guitarist/saxophonist Jim Knable and arranged by the rest of the crew, this is a record that is boundlessly fun to listen to and impossible not to clap along with.“
—Jordan Richardson, Blogcritics Magazine